Message From Founding President

Africa Development Online University (ADOU) is one of the most distinguished Higher Educational Institutions in our Modern era, known for its excellent ideals regarding quality teaching, excellent services rendered to Staff Members, Students and its Faculties as a whole and I am very proud as the Founding President, to be part of these achievements.

ADOU will ensure that there is excellence in Students’ performance through the impart of knowledge in order to keep up the pace of Higher Education which is constantly changing in the global and professional world. I will be very glad and proud to see all the Staff and Students of ADOU performing well in their various duties. To attain success in the academic sphere, there is the need to work hard. Hence, I wish to encourage each and every member of ADOU to continue with the zeal of making the University one of the best. Wishing every Student studying at ADOU the very best in their academic and future endeavours and to the Staff, success in their efforts of ensuring ADOU is one of the best Universities in the nation.


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