Nakohibila’s Dev’t Institute

This institute is founded based on the contributions of Alhaji Adam Mahama (Nakohibila) who was not educated but believed that education was a panacea to solving societal problems. The enthusiasm that Artisans in our modern era exhibit in their work, is something that is worth celebrating. Their talent and skill is a craft which is very inspiring. However, without the skills or business training, they often lack the structure and design to gain the attention of entering the mainstream market. With this in mind, Nakohibila Development Institute was established to help these Artisans and also provide graduate short courses for prospective students across the globe. The Institute is being founded on the principle of providing short Programmes and cutting-edge short courses to Artisans and graduate students. The Institute has however developed a curriculum that strives to tackle the issues surrounding these Artisans by providing a holistic approach to focus on life and business skills, as well as training on leadership, education and making healthy choices. The courses offered in this Institute are based on specific units of training, developed to improve the skills level of Artisans in certain critical areas of their responsibilities. Nakohibila Development Institute is very beneficial to Artisans and graduate students from all walks of life since it will improve their knowledge and skills with regard to competence, new technologies, regulations, hazards and risks, as well as duties and responsibilities relating the work they perform.

Professional Development Programmes

Certificate Programs:
1. Education Technology Policy and Innovation
2. Small Business Management
3. Project Management
4. Operations Management
5. Marketing Management
6. Digital Marketing

Certificate Programs:
7. Environmental Impact Assessment
8. NGO Management
9. Monitoring and Evaluation
10. Grant Proposal Writing
11. Operations Research
12. Proposal Writing

Certificate Programs:
13. Criminology
14. Community Policing
15. Crime Investigation and Detection
16. Intelligence Gathering

Certificate Programs:
17. Public Speaking
18. Emotional Intelligence
19. Change Management
20. Leadership and Leading
21. Project Finance

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