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Yakubu hails from Northern Ghana. He started his economics and statistical careers after obtaining his Diploma in Statistics awarded by University of Ghana. In 2003 he moved to South Africa where he taught mathematics and science in various high schools in East London. In 2004, he enrolled for his Bachelor’s degree with Fort Hare University. After completion in 2006, he moved to Cape Town and taught mathematics and Physics at the College of Cape Town briefly before joining the central office of statistics (Stats SA) as survey officer in same region/province. He held this position for five months until his appointment in the same office as the Survey Statistician for the Western Cape Province in October 2007. As a go-getter with much resolve and self-believe in his potential, in February 2008 he began his intellectual expedition with an enrolment for the Master of Science degree in Demography & Population Studies in the Statistics department at the University of the Western Cape.

Yakubu has a multidisciplinary background with a strong interest in economics, statistics, demography and Environmental Health. Yakubu holds an MSc in Demography & Population Studies from the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa, an MA in Economic Policy from University of Ghana, BCom degree with majors in Economics and Mathematical-Statistics from Fort Hare University (UFH) in South Africa, a Diploma in Statistics from University of Ghana, and an array of certificates including a Certificate in Monitoring & Evaluation for Program Managers with cum laude from Rhodes University. Yakubu completed his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree at CPUT in Cape Town, South Africa.


  • PhD, MSc, MA, CMEPM, BCom, Dip

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